Since Steve Phillip of Linked2Success made his presentation to the SREG community at the Devonshire Arms Hotel last year, Social Media has moved on yet again. Steve PhillipThere have been buy-outs and merges involving some of the big players, many of the platforms have introduced new features and managing your content and engaging potential customers appears to be more complicated that ever. … But Steve tells us to keep a level head and attend to the Three Key Principles! ….Profile – Engagement – Visibility

Top 3 Takeaways

1. Profile – articulate your value to your target audience so they understand how they’ll benefit by engaging with you.

2. Engagement – Have more conversations. It’s not all about posting and tweeting your services. The better quality conversations you have, the more business you will do.

3. Visibility – Alongside having more conversations, the more active you are on LinkedIn, the more visible you become to your network – Visibility = Opportunity.

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