What keeps you awake at night?

Whatever the business, challenges are a part of daily life and for a successful business leader, doing nothing is not an option. How you respond to those challenges can make the difference between moving forwards or backwards.

A SREG mentor will help you drill down and identify your enterprise challenges. SREG Mentors are independent and have no agenda besides helping you arrive at the best solutions to build and develop your business.

How do I qualify?

To qualify for SREG support you need to be a business leader with a business in or around the Skipton & Ripon area (See where we operate) and run an SME employing under 250 people and not be owned or be part of a large group or organisation.

How SREG works

Once you have completed the short application, SREG will match you to a mentor most suited to your needs. Your mentor will act as a critical friend to your business and help you focus upon what you need to do to better manage and grow your business.

If you are both happy to work together, we recommend that you meet on a regular basis, perhaps monthly, for an hour or two to review what you agreed to have done since your last session and to discuss what you will need to focus upon before the next session.

SREG’s service is free and confidential.

For more details, download our Mentoring Code here.

What is Enterprise Mentoring

Enterprise Mentoring is about reflecting, encouraging and supporting the business leader to help them make the most of themselves and their business. Mentoring is about mutual trust and respect. It’s a two way relationship.

What a Mentor will do

  • Provide an outside perspective on both the business owner and their business
  • Listen to the things that are worrying the business owner about their business
  • Help by sharing their own experience of both failures and successes
  • Give friendly, unbiased support and guidance
  • Provide honest and constructive feedback
  • Be a sounding board for ideas
  • Facilitate decision making by suggesting alternatives based on personal experience
  • Provide contacts and networks to further personal and business development
  • Inspire the business owner to realise their potential
  • Provide ongoing support and encouragement

What a Mentor will not do?

  • Provide a counselling service
  • Provide a training service
  • Provide coaching relating to specific business related tasks
  • Provide therapeutic interventions
  • Sort out all problems
  • Give advice normally provided by a qualified business adviser
  • Take the responsibility for making the business successful

(The ultimate responsibility for making the business successful is down to the business leader!)

You should be prepared to commit to at least two hours a month. A successful mentoring relationship usually lasts for about twelve months or twelve sessions, however it might be shorter or longer, whatever is best for you both.

What our clients say

The best thing we have gained from SREG mentoring is that our perceptions of running a small business have been positively challenged. Although we are still an integral part of the business, we can now look at the business more strategically and we can see that this approach will pay dividends both for the company and personally.

John Curran, Director, Northern Paper Board.

….despite having people close to me to talk to, it soon became apparent that I needed someone from outside of the business interests in whom to confide. Simon, my SREG mentor, is a great listener with a fantastic understanding of business and the issues it can throw at you. 

Adrian Hoose, Managing Director, Claxton Spirits

Mark’s help was brilliant, not only could he provide an external perspective to our business plan, but he could offer some really valuable insights to the practicalities of glamping. Discussions ranged from the likes and dislikes of consumers and the profile of typical customers, to drainage and utility challenges that arise in remote locations.

Doug Adamson. Chairman, Anthropods

I knew that I would need support to transition from a business development role to managing and leading a company. Roger’s experience in team building is fantastic, he has encouraged me to focus on what I can influence, minimise thoughts on what I can’t change, and consider other perspectives.

Abi Broadley, Managing Director, Aquarius Rail

Getting Started

To find a mentor most suited to your needs, please click Contact Us to send us an email or call SREG’s CEO Andy Barton on 07900 933339.

If you wish, you can complete our informal Application Form. We will then contact you with a mentor.

Success Stories

Northern Paper Board Boxes Clever

Introducing packaging manufacturer and merchant to new growth strategies

Skipton-based Northern Paper Board (NPB) had been a packaging merchant for 20 years, but seven years ago it made the bold move into manufacturing. It continued to invest and in the past three years its turnover has grown from £5.4 million to £10 million. In essence, NPB’s growth strategy was to enter new markets and diversify.

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