Taking the step from a role as Business Development Director to that of Managing Director is no minor undertaking, and Abi Broadley was well aware that the coming year would probably represent the biggest challenge of her career so far!

The Background
Abi’s background is in design with a career that began in television and theatre, then Christmas decoration design and sales for shopping centres such as Victoria Quarter in Leeds and Lakeside in Essex. She joined Aquarius Rail in 2010 with responsibility for marketing, business development and sales, before taking the role of Managing Director in October 2017.

Aquarius is a Yorkshire-based company which manufactures and hires bespoke Road2Rail Vehicles to Network Rail, their contractors and metro lines in the UK, as well as exporting Road2Rail Vehicles across the world.

Aquarius (Image 2)




The Issue
“I knew that I would need support to transition from a business development role to managing and leading a company” Abi explained…“and in late 2017 I received a call from Andy Barton, CEO of the Skipton and Ripon Enterprise Group suggesting a SREG mentor could potentially support me in my new role”

The Action
Abi took up Andy’s offer and has been meeting regularly with SREG mentor, Roger Hales, for over a year now. “Roger’s experience in team building is fantastic” says Abi… “he has encouraged me to focus on what I can influence, minimise thoughts on what I can’t change, and consider other perspectives”.

Roger got to hear about the work of The Skipton & Ripon Enterprise Group in 2017 and offered to join the team of SREG mentors. “From my own career over the past 40 years” says Roger,   “I felt that I could share some of the insights on how to manage people, of both what has worked well and what didn’t.”  “Abi has had a really positive attitude to developing herself, her team and the business from the start, building on her own experiences and creating solutions to a variety of challenges”.

Abi and Roger during a mentoring session

Abi and Roger during a mentoring session

Roger reports that the past year has been equally rewarding, seeing Abi develop in her role and gaining an understanding of a very specialist industry. He adds, “I have really enjoyed being part of the SREG Mentoring team and am currently working with three clients”

“Roger has given me the confidence to make some difficult decisions” says Abi “Aquarius has seen a 40% increase in turnover this year, and Roger has been genuinely supportive throughout my first full year as Managing Director of the Aquarius Rail team”.

Pictured:- Abi and Roger during a mentoring session.