Helping a locally-grown, family-run care provider become an award winner

Helping Hands of Harrogate Ltd was established in 2010. It is a family-run business specialising in providing quality personal care and support to Children, Young People and Young Adults with a range of disabilities, learning and behavioural needs, complex care needs, medical needs and terminal illness. Its clients include North Yorkshire County Council, North Yorkshire and York Primary Care Trust. It is currently going through the accreditation process for the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council.  Helping Hands of Harrogate Ltd currently provides 37,000 hours of care a year on average.


Business Challenge

Having survived a challenging and lonely start-up phase without access to financial support, Helping Hands of Harrogate Ltd wanted to share its experiences and network with young and established entrepreneurs. Following a meeting with SREG honorary president Julian Smith MP, Helping Hands of Harrogate Ltd came to SREG and found not only friendly reassurance and networking opportunities but also a new way to grow its business and increase its confidence.

SREG Service

SREG matched Helping Hands with a mentor who had extensive experience in the service sector and who met with the directors once every four to five months. The mentor supported Helping Hands of Harrogate Ltd through a customer segmentation process that led to more effective new business targeting. He also helped the company identify and categorise the many service elements it offered into distinct products for easier marketing to clients and potential clients – as well fulfilling its Order Winning Criteria.


In March 2012, Helping Hands of Harrogate Ltd was awarded Ackrill Media Group’s The Harrogate Borough Council ‘Working for your Business’ Award that recognises companies who have achieved business success despite challenging economic times.

Helping Hands of Harrogate Ltd has seen its business grow at a rate that its founders did not predict, surpassing all of the growth projections initially produced.

Our confidence is developing as the business grows, and we are learning something new about business on a daily basis. It is reassuring that we have access through SREG to a friendly and experienced mentor we can contact if we need reassurance or advice. It is also nice to be able to share and discuss start up business experiences with others and realise you are not alone.

Rebecca Blunstone, director, Helping Hands of Harrogate Ltd