When it comes to the health and wellbeing of our future generations, little compares to the positive impact of physical activity and the benefits derived from physical education, and so when Covid 19 hit, it brought into focus just how crucial the support provided to schools and parents by Kanga Sports had become.

“It takes a real understanding and skill to be able to provide the suitable level of PE to children with a wide range of abilities,” says Kanga Sports Managing Director Andrew Bode “..that’s why we only employ qualified teaching and specialist staff to deliver our services.”

The lifeline Kanga Sports Ltd continued to offer throughout the pandemic has come though the dedication and commitment of the company’s members of staff, helping schools to deliver high quality, fun and engaging PE.


Today Kanga Sports employs over twelve staff to deliver a range of physical activity and PE related services to schools and parents throughout the region. Ensuring strict adherence to the guidelines has been a top priority for the company affecting how staff can interact with children, school staff, parents and one another.

“Like so many organisations, it has been a really worrying time.” confesses Andrew “I had been working with a mentor from the Skipton & Ripon Enterprise Group for a number of years, so it was a great help to be able to pick up the phone and talk candidly about my concerns.”

When things started to open up in the summer of 2020, Kanga Sports extended its Kids Club offer which proved to be an absolute lifeline for so many parents. “I’m not sure how I would have coped without them” admits one mum “...my son absolutely loved his time at Kanga Sports! He was taught so much and the team really engaged with him.”

With the support of a SREG Mentor, Andrew has been able to talk over many of the ideas he has had about developing the company. Recently Kanga started to offer Maths on the Move, a programme to support lower achieving children or extend the learning of those who are already competent in maths. “I am really confident about the future of the business” says Andrew “..and it’s been great to have the SREG support there when I needed it!”

KANGA IN UGANDA – Helping Children across the World.

In addition to their work to support children’s physical education within the UK, Kanga Sports is working with the charity JET to enrich the lives of children in Uganda who don’t have the same opportunities as children in the UK.

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