Taking the next step to grow your company can be a nerve racking time, your office space may be getting a bit claustrophobic but can you afford to find somewhere larger? Your order book might be getting full, but will it keep growing enough to justify taking on another member of staff? It’s never going to be an exact science, but Liz Preston the Managing Director and owner of Craven Safety Services had decided the time had come to take the next step.

“I have a fantastic team and we have a close working relationship” says Liz, “….but ultimately these decisions are down to me alone and running your own business can seem a very lonely place when the pressure is on.”

CSS (Liz at her desk)2

The Skipton-based business provides an independent health and safety consultancy service, and one of the development options was to move into a larger office and take on another employee, but for Liz, her worries about whether the business could withstand the financial and physical stresses was keeping her awake at night.

….“Fortunately I had been meeting regularly with my SREG Mentor and was able to talk through my concerns with him” says Liz ……”having an experienced business person with whom to share and discuss your ideas and options can really make an enormous difference.”

The previous year Liz’s mentor had encouraged her to set up detailed business and cash flow reporting system. “We looked very closely at the financial side of things. At any time we know precisely where we’re at and have also drawn up a growth forecast and a three year plan.”

She said: “It’s not something we’ve taken lightly. We have doubled turnover for each of the last three years, which is quite a big thing. We are confident that we know where we are going and what we need to do to achieve it.”

In her new offices, Liz sits at her desk and contemplates just how far the business has come. Her growing team have really gelled and now it is time to take on two more members of staff.

She said: “With the economy struggling, it was probably a tough time to think about growth.” “…..with my mentor on board I was confident that I was making the right decision. I know I can pick up the phone to him whenever I need to, and just to have somebody else with a business mind to share my thoughts with is so empowering.”

For more details about Craven Safety Services, visit the website https://cravensafetyservices.co.uk

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