Kanga Konnects with Kids

When it comes to the health and wellbeing of our future generations, little compares to the positive impact of physical activity and the benefits derived from physical education, and so when Covid 19 hit, it brought into focus just how crucial the support provided to schools and parents by Kanga Sports had become.

19.01.2021 | Read more

A Big Plus for the Pods

Not that many years ago the concept of “Glamping Pods” was relatively novel and the market was just starting to build, but by the time SREG got the application from a business named Anthropods, the feeling was that a start-up pod manufacturer in this now crowded market was going to struggle!

20.02.2020 | Read more

Getting of on the Right Track

Taking the step from a role as Business Development Director to that of Managing Director is no minor undertaking, and Abi Broadley was well aware that the coming year would probably represent the biggest challenge of her career so far!

02.11.2019 | Read more

Raise a Glass to Success

From its beginnings in 2016, Claxton’s has seen its customer base grow from a small pool of local customers to an established global network of international importers and distributors spanning over fifteen countries and four continents with an annual growth rate today exceeding 300%.

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Northern Paper Board Boxes Clever

Introducing packaging manufacturer and merchant to new growth strategies

Skipton-based Northern Paper Board (NPB) had been a packaging merchant for 20 years, but seven years ago it made the bold move into manufacturing. It continued to invest and in the past three years its turnover has grown from £5.4 million to £10 million. In essence, NPB’s growth strategy was to enter new markets and diversify.

09.11.2012 | Read more